CUSTOMIZED GOLF EDUCATION
                         Kathy Murphy
                            LPGA Master Professional
                        2013 Ellen Griffin Rolex Award Winner
                           LPGA TEACHER of the YEAR
                   Golf Digest Top 50 Best Women Teachers
                    Improve your Game with an Expert Coach
“I stay informed regarding the scientific research of golf performance and even though I have  been coaching for 30+ years, I continue to study and learn about golf performance”

Many golfers believe that consistency is the key to good golf...this is only partly true. The golf course is very variable (every shot is different, conditions are continually changing and we play with different people) and WE are variable as well - we are a different person each day. So when your process for creating shots is consistent your performance will improve. So having a routine approach in mindset and preparation will allow you to develop the skills to be adaptable and ready to handle any situation you face. Think of it as “dynamic stability.”  Kathy will assist you to discover your strengths, develop a winning mindset and coach you in the proven practice techniques to create great golf shots! 
       This is your time to play well and truly enjoy the game!